Monday, 4 July 2016

A Woodland Walk for a Target Species

I went for a walk today around the Woodland area that I frequently visit (Castor H).
I had in mind a target species (The Silver-washed Fritillary) which according to my records should start to emerge now. Usually thats the males first and they tend to fly around like mad for the first week making it difficult to take any reasonable photographs.

I waited at a point in the woodland where I would normally expect to find them.
However what I did not expect to find was the species below, the Black Hairstreak (Satyrium prune).
From memory this is the first time that I have observed this species and as a bonus was able to photograph it as well. 
I was fortunate to see it at all and only found it by scanning a large bramble area with binoculars.

The target species for the day came to me more easily than I expected. I had noticed two as I was walking around the woodland, but they were as expected flying around at mach 2 and never pitched.
The one I photographed was observed on the ground as I was discussing the find of the Black Hairstreak with the Woodland Ranger.

Also found on the heathland was this Small Skipper (Female).

Around the larger pond Dragonflies were very active, this Four-spotted Chaser was observed a number of times.

The Speckled Wood is quite numerous now and can be found anywhere in the woodland.

This pair of Large Skippers I was pleased to get as they were deep in tall grass.

Ringlets are easy to find now as well.

This female Whitethroat just didn't want to be photographed today and was making life difficult.


  1. The Silver Washed Fritillary is a really lovely butterfly

    1. They always look their best at the beginning of the flight period D.

  2. Kauniita perhoskuvia. Täällä ei lentele nyt mitään, kun on niin kylmä (+12°C) ja sataa.

  3. ...lovely...summer at its finest!

  4. Lucky find Roy, the Black Hairstreak, well done for managing to get pictures of it. I have seen the Brown Hairstreak and the Purple Hairstreak butterfly at Alners Gorse nature reserve owned by Butterfly Conservation.

  5. I would be delighted to come across a black hairstreak and get such lovely photos, too. I love the silver washed as well - what great sightings of all the butterflies.

  6. Wow !!!!! A Black Hairstreak !!!
    This butterfly is also with us a rarity.
    Great that you could photograph it!
    Also yes other vlidners are lovely, bright and sharp and beautiful detail.


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