Saturday, 2 July 2016

A Parkland Walk

Scenes from my latest Parkland Walk

Can you spot the Meadow Brown Butterfly.?

Walking along the riverbank I found dozens of Meadow Brown feeding on a clump of thistles.

Female Meadow Brown

Male Meadow Brown

A new family of Greylag Geese

Swallows on a low flying mission to catch flies that hover just above the grass.

I found this pair of Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly in the preliminary act of mating.
The male (on the left of the photograph) was flapping his wings in a short rapid manner. This lasted several minutes while I was watching then the female flew away about 10 metres. The male went in the opposite direction for a short distance. Then the female flew back to the previous location and the male found her again.

They both moved down into the depth of the grass and ended in the mating position. 
At this point you could touch them and they didn't move at all.

A Grey Heron moving to another part of one of the lakes for a spot of fishing.

Beef cattle in the long grass. Mostly rearing cows with some calves.

A mixture of Corn Daisies, Cornflowers and Corn Marigolds. 

A female Banded Demoiselle.

A Long-tailed Tit drying out in the sun after taking a bath.

Great-spotted Woodpecker observed from one of the hides.

Dog Rose



  1. A visual delight! I can't believe all the meadow browns!

  2. Wow, lots of interest to see there Roy, especially the kaleidoscope of Meadow Browns.

  3. What a beautiful place to walk, your photos really show it well. Great shots of the Swallow!

  4. Lovely set of pictures Roy, You seem to be having better weather than what we are having down here in the South, we don't seem to be having many days of sunshine, it has been mainly cloudy with rain and cold too.

    1. Thanks Lyn, it was one good day for a change.

  5. what a wondeful place to take a walk Roy with such beauty surrounding yoo.meadow with wildflowers and butterflies and river with birds.

  6. Thanks Margaret, its nice on a sunny day.{:))

  7. You are a champion Roy, very good post.

  8. You've seen a real variety of things, the only place I've ever seen so many butterflies in one place id Roumania many years ago. Love the heron photos and that beautiful wildflower one.

    1. Thanks D.
      I do get some good days on that particular walk.


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