Monday, 4 July 2016

A Tern Close Up

One doesn't normally get this close to a Common Tern
I was only using a 24/240mm lens on a full frame Camera, but this Common Tern appeared to be unconcerned at my presence.

Sony A7. 24/240mm Lens. 240mm. 1/250 at f8. ISO320

A more normal view of a Common Tern.


  1. Lovely set Roy, especially the ones on the fence.

  2. They are so elegant and graceful in the air.

  3. They are the most graceful of birds in the air, long slim, curved lines. Make gulls look like tanks.

  4. Oh I like and I am jealous lol !!!
    Very great portraits Roy !

  5. Fabulous photos! I've tried photographing them but they always seem to turn their heads away when I am around! Also they are always far off. But fun to watch, if you can cope with their noise. :-)


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