Wednesday, 9 December 2015


The Siskin - Always a lovely bird to observe and photograph.
I went looking for a group that had been reported at a certain location on the Parkland. They were feeding on seeds high up in several Alder trees. Unfortunately they had disappeared when I arrived, however I did find one female, which very kindly posed for me lower down in a hedgerow.


  1. Hi Roy A beautiful gentle little bird that I donot see often enough. These are lovely photographs. I am just off to MAlawi now and the news is good. Allhtough everyone has whiplash and DAniel left side of his face looks like he has one 10 ounds with M Ali, they are OK. The Cure Hospital are leaning us a car to make out planned trip to Zambia so that is wonderful news. I know I will NOT have internet there but while away I read post (whwen I can and internet permits) but am NOT commenting. I have schedduled all my posts in. Have a lovely Christmas.

    1. Thanks Margaret.
      Hope for a full and speedy recovery.

  2. Hey Roy.... Lovely color, and clarity in these shots of this little poser. You must have the magic touch!!!


  3. I've started scanning the alders in the park for these fellows and redpoll for a few days now. No joy!

  4. Lovely captures Roy, I am missing the Siskins, they disappear from my garden through the winter returning about February.

  5. The siskin is really a charming bird. You've managed to take wonderful shots, Roy. It's really posing for you! Thanks for sharing!
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  6. Quel joli petit oiseau, belle série Roy pour cette belle rencontre.

  7. Lovely. Used to have them regularly on the feeders when I lived the other side of France, but not over here. Rarely ever see one.


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