Sunday, 27 December 2015

Goose Watching

I did mention in a previous post that its at this time of year on the Parkland Lakes that both the resident Greylag and Canada Geese flock together in their respective species and spend their time flying from the lakes to the nearby farmland fields to feed and then back to the water for a drink and clean up and repeating the process throughout the day.

On a nice sunny day I was able to shoot some scenes of the Greylag gang, which on this occasion was accompanied by a visiting Barnacle Goose.

Geese will always take off into the wind and it was quite windy on this occasion. However, I was not in the best position in relation to both the geese location on the water and the prevailing wind. On these occasions one has to make the best of what is presented. As they took off they were heading straight towards me and through a gap in the trees. I couldn't get a better position due to trees obstructing the view.

They don't all take off together normally and this was one of the first waves below.

Prior to take off there is much washing and bathing and then flapping of wings to get the water off the flight feathers.

I mentioned the visiting Barnacle Goose. 
This is probably some escapee or just a lost soul, as they would not normally be in this area at this or any other time for that matter.

It is not unusual for the Barnacle to be flocked together with the resident Canada flock but he/she has chosen the light greys this time. We have also been fortunate to have a visiting White-fronted Goose in the past.

That said, this is the first time I have been able to include the Barnacle in 'Take off' shots.


  1. Great captures and interesting insight into the life of the geese, Roy! :)

  2. Some great pictures of flying geese there!

  3. Superb series of shots, Roy! At least the barnacle goose has some other goose company. They look so beautiful in the sunshine.

  4. Hey Roy... Great photo's, especially the in flight ones. The Barnacle goose sure is obvious.
    My daughter and, I got a lifer for both of us, while birding on Christmas day. A Ross goose in with a flock of Canadian geese. Exciting!!!


  5. A beautiful array of geese.
    The fly images I find all well photographed :-)

  6. Another superb sequence...
    Stunning images and details, as usual, Roy!
    All the best!

  7. Sorry I missed this set of images earlier-they are beautiful.

  8. Hi Roy

    These are wonderful photos and it is great you had a variety of geese in one flock.


  9. I will always envy your flying bird shots! We checked out the Snow Geese this week and I can't get good flight shots for anything, so I seldom try. Love the header shot for your blog!


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