Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Scenes from a Parkland Walk

More of what I observe during my walk around the local Parkland.

Chiffchaffs were observed in the tree lines around the lakes feeding up before the long journey South

The Red Admiral Butterfly gathering food.

This Woodie was helping himself to elderberries

A Comma Butterfly gathering heat from the intermittent sunshine.

Another round of Common Tern feeding.

Southern Hawker

Migrant Hawker

A Mute Swan preening.

More fish feeding, this time it was a Great-crested Grebe.

More shots for David at 
of those ghastly smokey metal things on iron wheels.{:))


  1. Love those train.David has a lovely blog Roy. The swans are beautiful with their wings out stretched and the shots of the Teerns feeding are so good.

    1. Thanks Margaret, yes his blog is very well presented.

  2. Great area to explore by the looks of it. An abundance of berries of all sorts this year hereabouts.
    I've enjoyed a few rides on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

  3. Fabulous shots, really good demonstration of the difference between migrant and southern hawkers. Frankly, I'm amazed you can pick chiff chaffs out in the trees, I've only ever seen one!

  4. What a lovely varied selection of photos Roy. Especially the steam train:)

  5. een prachtig gebied om een heerlijke wandeling te maken. en de stoomtrein tja dat is pure nostalgie.

    1. Ik ben geen fan echt Bas net als om foto's te nemen.

  6. Lovely set of pictures, I am a bit of a steam train fan so like any pictures of steam trains :-) I think I have taken pictures myself of both the Migrant and Southern Hawkers but thought they were both Southern Hawkers, male and female. Identifying dragonflies and damselflies are not my strong point.

    1. Thanks Lyn. I have to check the book most of the time myself.

  7. Une ballade où l'on voit de tout, ça c'est cool !
    Merci Roy

  8. Hey Roy.. Love the Tern art. It is a little crappy ;} but interesting!
    I have had a Red Admiral around, but it never lands long enough. Nice shot! They are so pretty.
    Nice Comma too!
    That is a good lot of Elderberries on that bush. Do Woodies eat them?

    I want a train ride. Hope I get to have one before I die!!!


    1. Thanks GG. Yes Woodies do eat them and quite a few other things in the field.
      The train is part of a Heritage railway outfit. We have progressed a little from steam now, although not so good as France of Italy .{:))

  9. Thanks for pointing me to this post Roy, indeed I had somehow missed it (and a few other too by the look of it!). Lovely images of everything as always, especially the young Common Terns, though of course the highlight was the Great Western 15XX Class working along the Nene Valley. I had the good fortune of seeing the loco last year at both the North York Moors and the Severn Valley and I didn't know it was currently at the NVR. The first pic is fantastic and I will choose to ignore your otherwise disrespectful comments regarding steam locos Mr Norris ;-)

    Hope you are well my friend and kindest regards to all :-)


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