Sunday, 6 September 2015

Lucky Thirteen

I'm not one for making lists or anything like that relating to my Nature observations. However I recall last year that on a day in the middle of September during a walk around the local Woodland/Heathland Reserve, I observed and photographed nine species of butterfly. 

On the 29th of August this year I walked the same area and observed and photographed thirteen species of butterfly. I didn't set out to do so, but soon realised that it would be quite a number.

Unfortunately not all the species below are in the best of condition, but they are alive and kicking all the same.

Large White

My second sighting of the year for this species. 
In fact from the images I shot I did actually see two different individuals on this day.

Painted Lady
The male Common Blue is loosing its bright blue colour at this stage.

Common Blue
The poor old male Gatekeeper really does look worse for wear.

A fine specimen of a Speckled Wood.

Speckled Wood

Meadow Brown
The Green-veined White was in good condition.

Green-veined White

Small Skipper
Both male and female Brimstone were observed.


Small White

Small Tortoiseshell

All of these species observed are typical of those I would expect to see at this time and could (had I have been fortunate) observed a few more in the specific area concerned.


  1. Fabulous selection - it's been a bit of a painted lady year - we've had a few in the garden.

    1. Thanks Alison, there was supposed to be a large influx, but it didn't materialise.

  2. There do seem to have been a lot of flutters about recently but I don't think I will ever see 13 species in a day, probably not in a year.

    1. Its getting on now John and you need the right habitat to see this many and some good weather.

  3. you had a great day for butterflies!

    1. I usually gat a few at this time FG.

  4. Rot Thirteen, Lucky for ome, they say adn certainly you were so fortunate to have seen 13 different species of butterflies in one day adn been able to photograph them. brilliant.

  5. Beautiful 13! Such vivid and saturated colors.

  6. 13, that is a good number to see on the same day :-) I have counted 25 species of butterflies this year so far I have seen.

  7. Hey Roy... You have seen a lot of different butterflies, and no matter their condition they still are lovely.
    The last two are looking pretty good.
    Like your header!


    1. Thanks GG. Yes I thought the header was something different.

  8. WOW! Roy, I really envy you seeing so many of them...awesome collection and lovely images. Will be back soon...have a great week ahead!


  9. That's a good selection - poor old Gatekeeper, he looks as though he's had a tough time. I had a couple of speckled woods in the garden yesterday, I must try and do a count of how many different kinds I see. The plums are ripe so that should bring in Red Admirals and Peacocks - in the past I've had literally dozens of drunken butterflies who have overdone it on the plums:)

    1. Thanks D. Yes I am seeing a few Red Admirals now in good condition as well.

  10. Some tatty specimens here Roy, especially the poor Gatekeeper & Common Blue, though the Comma and Painted Lady look fantastic. However my favourite shot has to be the first one of the Large White as it is a real cracker of a photo :-)

    13 species in one day is pretty special!

    Kindest regards to one and all :-)

  11. Hi, Roy!...
    Passing here... while I have net (a bit of a problem, where I am...) just to say hello... and keep up with the beautiful images, that I have been missed in these last weeks, here on your blog...
    And a remarkable sequence of images, as usual... You took amazing photos of the butterflies, this year... so many different species...
    Love it all!
    Whishing you a great week!...

  12. Great selection of butterflies. They're still beautiful even if they aren't in perfect condition.

  13. A fantastic and beautiful butterfly series!


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