Saturday, 18 July 2015

Scenes from a Parkland Walk

Some scenes and images from my recent Parkland walk which extended along the main river and some open farmland.

A female Large White Butterfly 

Corncockle Flower

Green Elderberries

Male Black-tailed Skimmer basking in the sun on a rock beside the river.

Crop irrigation with the water being pumped from the river.

Barley turning golden in the sun.

Along the river bank. A good spot here for butterflies that favour open grassland.

Comma Butterfly

Mute Swans getting angry with other Mute Swans.

Field Scabious

I am not sure what these are. They could be crab apples, but are also shaped like a plum and soft.

Gatekeeper Butterfly



A very well worn Four-spotted Chaser Butterfly.

A golden field of Tuscany, well not quite and about 800 miles out.

This female Peacock Butterfly was hidden away in foliage trying to get as much sun as possible and I couldn't get a better angle to take the shot.


  1. A a wonderful walk Roy with such a variety of things to see. Love all the butterflies,gorgeous Swans and good to see the crops are ripening for the farmers. Have a great weekend.

  2. Such a relaxing walk full of beauteous things. The Peacock Butterfly is a stunner! Thanks for taking us along!

  3. Bonjour Roy
    Je n'ai pas encore vu un seul Robert le diable :(
    Très bon article diversifié comme j'aime, merci !

  4. Some lovely shots of the gatekeeper butterfly. Could your fruit be a bird cherry? That's only a guess though.

    1. Thanks D. The fruit is too large for a bird cherry I think.
      Further review of images on the net suggests that it is some kind of Crab Apple.

  5. What a great walk! I love the butterflies and the dragonflies.

  6. Lovely selection of images, like the one of the barley turning gold and also the field scabious. Did you see many Gatekeepers? I saw loads of them today, so many, difficult to count them.

    1. Thanks Lyn, yes the most Gatekeepers I have seen this year.

  7. Hey Roy...I really enjoyed seeing what you see through your lens, such beauty all around.
    Gorgeous shot's of a lovely spot I will never see, so thanks for the walk!


  8. Looks a lovely tranquil walk.. just you and nature.. can't beat it.... Great photos :o)

  9. A wonderful collection of summer photos Roy, the last few certainly do look very Tuscan. The barley harvest has started in parts of the SE and East Anglia and it looks like it will soon get going in your part of the world judging by your pics.

    Great pics of the Gatekeeper too :-)

    PS. The fruit look like Cherry Plums to me but I'm not 100% sure. If you can remember when the tree flowered it would help as Cherry Plums flower very early (March).

    1. Thanks David, I think you must be right as it did flower early in the year and I recall shooting one of the the first Small Tortoiseshell butterflies of the year on the blossom. See:

  10. Looks idyllic and your photos are so lovely. The countryside looks so pretty when the crops turn golden. They are already harvesting here - the hot weather has really ripened the crops quickly, seems like only a few weeks ago they were blue/green colour! I've had the chance to get out and about this last week (blog post still a work in progress, lol) so been able to see more countryside. :-)

  11. Lovely images, Roy! What a great walk!...

  12. Roy, what pretty scenes! I love the lone tree picture, as well as the golden fields of barley and the peacock butterfly!


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