Monday, 14 July 2014

Turning the Hay

The cut grass needs to be turned over to dry out before it can be baled. 
However first of all, you have to get into the field.


  1. als je iedere keer zo naar je werk moet en hoe halen ze de oogst daar vandaan??

  2. Bale it up en draagt het op een aanhangwagen Bas.

  3. Hey Roy... Wow that is some set up this guy has!! Looks some pricey to !!
    I guess he must have known just how much water there was there before crossing ! : )
    Looks like a good wind was blowing at the time you took these shot's which I really enjoyed!! Must be the country girl in me!! ; )


    1. It was quite windy, but very warm at the time GG. Yes it a good crossing place and the farmer drove his 4 X4 over afterwards. You can walk over as the river bed is quite hard.

  4. Roy, nice series! I love that last shot!


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