Friday, 15 November 2013

Another Angry Mute

I'll be back, I'm just seeing someone off.

The aggressive pose this male Mute Swan is showing as he powers towards an unwanted visitor Mute that he believes is encroaching upon his area. A few images I shot in the local parkland where this behaviour is fairly constant amongst the Mute Swan population

Lumix GH3. 35-100mm 2.8 lens. 100mm(=200mm). 1/100 at f8. ISO400


  1. Hi. Roy. What a wonderful series of shot of this Angry Mute Swan. I wouldn't want to mess with him!!!

  2. Oh my!
    That is a luxury series and pure adreline when 'shooting' with a camera!
    Lovely pics, really!
    I wish I could have a few swans in my area!

    Here too wild boars are quite present, depending on the regions and their management!

    Cheers Roy, enjoy your WE!

    1. Thanks Noushka.
      Yes I guessed they would be as they are certainly present in Tuscany and its just around the corner.{:))

  3. Hey Roy.... Well he sure did get his feathers in a ruffle !
    Very nice photo's of the follow through the action ! I love the last one with that all fluffed, and puffed up self satisfied aggressor !!!


  4. Great set Roy, they're quite formidable creatures when they get the hump!...[;o)

  5. He looks realy angry, they can fight untill one of two males dies. Your pictures show the beast inside the beauty ;-).

    Have a nice weekend Roy,


  6. Superb photos of the swan. Having been close to a vicious fight between two cobs in the summer I now keep well away from any swan looking aggressive! But it's still a fascinating sight.

  7. Great action shots...think I would be running away if it was comming in my direction....

  8. Magnificent pics of a magnificent creature! Some lovely shapes and textures here!

  9. Wow .... really beautifully captured this swan Roy.
    I know from experience that the white of the swan is absolutely not to photograph, easy but you have done a fantastic job.
    My compliments.

  10. A brilliant set of flight shots Roy.

  11. Hi Roy

    For all their territoriality and truculence they are beautiful birds and you have taken some lovely photos.

    All the best


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