Saturday, 6 April 2013

Spring - Almost (1)

The arrival of Spring - Hopefully.
The temperatures are starting to move upwards from the recent minus 1 degree wind chill. 

This and the following post contain scenes from my walk yesterday.

The woodland areas are still quite dull looking overall, but there are some green shoots and buds appearing and the bluebell leaves are showing very well.

I did find a few Primroses in an area previously known for them.

The Blackthorn flowers are appearing.

Robins are looking very colourful now in the sunshine.

Wild Violets are starting to emerge from below other plants.

The name Dunnock apparently comes from an ancient british name 'Dunnakos' meaning 'Little Brown Bird'.
I much prefer the more appropriate common name 'Hedge Sparrow' it has also been called 'Hedge Accentor'.

Lumix GH3. 100-300mm lens. 1/400 at f5.6 - 300mm(600). ISO1600

Why do they leave cut down wood in piles like this.

So that it eventually looks like this. A moss covered little haven for a variety of insects.

Common Daisy.

Lesser Celandine

Can you believe this, I didn't at first.
Its a Common Pipistrelle Bat flying around in day light.
I was walking through a woodland clearing with tall trees all around me and was looking up into the various trees for birds. 
I could see this object flying around and occasionally disappearing and then reappearing to do the same. Getting a shot of it wasn't easy, but I managed this one as the best of a bad bunch.
Apparently Bats will fly in daylight in search for food especially when the temperatures are good and insects are available.

A woodland slope that will shortly be covered in bluebells.


  1. Hi Roy, what a nice post, I can feel spring everywhere in your blog. The shot of the bat is fantastic! WoW!


  2. Amazing shot of the bat Roy! I normally can't focus on them with my eyes, so you managing to do so with your camera is fantastic! Spring certainly looks to be on its way, but I won't speak too soon!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

    1. Thanks John, I never expected to see that Bat.

  3. Lovely springlike post Roy. I love that blossom in the first shot and I like your new header too. That Bat shot is A - MAZ - ING! (-:

    1. Thanks Jen, yes I couldn't believe that Bat.

  4. Hey Roy...It may be chilly,but you are seeing some green,and gorgeous Spring flower!! Not so in my neck of the woods!!
    I just love all your photos of the blossoms,bright and cheery! I'll be waiting to see those Bluebells though!!
    Or temps have been up to 45-55 degrees, but we have had this real chilly wind that makes it feel so cold!!
    Nice to get the shot of the Bat, but you can have him,they creep me out!!; )

    1. Thanks GG, the bluebells are going to be later than usual I think.

  5. Hi Roy

    It was nice to see your Blackthorn flowers I am ready for Spring even if it is vicariously. I quite liked the photo of the Robin.

    The bat was amazing.

    Thanks for sharing the photo I did not know they would fly by day so it was great to learn that.


    1. Thanks Guy, the Bat was a surprise.

  6. Watch out for that Bat Roy.....what a great shot!!

  7. Ahhhhhhhh ...... you just know how to shoot a bat!! Fantastic! Obviously your other photos also pleasing to the eye but that bat is super!


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