Sunday, 18 November 2012


A female Kestrel in the low evening sun.


  1. Hey Roy..It is so cute in this shot, I like it!!
    I like the size to!!

  2. Superb shot Roy :) I'm sorry to hear about what has happened to your old blog by the way but I hope you have no such problems with this new one :)

  3. they're a delightful and obliging raptor aren't they? Lovely snapshot Roy

  4. Hi Roy, I really like the new home you have here.That Kestrel is really a great shot and such good light. Wonderful page and great new name. Thanks for putting a comment on my blog...
    I had the same thing happen to me. I think you will be very happy here on this blog. It is certainly set up beautifully and with all your amazing photos it will take off. cheers.

  5. Wonderful shot! How do you convince them to sit still?? LOL The kestrels here fly the minute you pause anywhere near them. But I realized a long time ago that you are a master of your camera while my camera is a master of me :-)


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