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Saturday 22 June 2024

A Collection of Images

Some nature and countryside images taken this week.

Goldfinches are making themselves heard now by singing away mostly high up in trees.
I managed to catch this fine specimen down a little lower.

I still have poor news to report about the lack of butterflies at this time.

Speckled Woods are the only species that I have seen regularly.

This Sand Martin below appears to be collecting nest material, more likely for nest maintenance.

I have only seen a few Swallows this year.

Barley appears to be the crop of choice by the local Farmers this year.

The images of this male yellowhammer required a lot of post production as the light was behind the subject.

A female below with food for the brood.

The flower below, common name 'Fox and Cubs' (Pilosella aurantica), was found on an odd patch of grass. This was the same location as I found it in a previous year. Like then it has since been uprooted by some moron.

A public footpath through a Barley field.


  1. Hei Roy! Aivan ihanat havainnot ja valokuvat. Meillä on ollut paljon tiklejä goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) pihassa. Niiden ääni on ihana.

    1. Kiitos Anne. Kyllä ne ovat ihania lintuja, joilla on miellyttävä laulu.


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