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Tuesday 21 May 2024

A Butterfly Shoot

My target species on this Shoot was the Marsh Fritillary.
Fortunately I found some to photograph.
The last 10 days in May is a good time to look for them.
A good place to find them is the Hillside at Cerne Abbas Village.


The Grizzled Skipper is a difficult little butterfly to find. 

It is so small and moves very quickly from one spot to another at ground level.

Almost as difficult to spot is the Dingy Skipper, but it is slightly larger, flies slower and shows out better,

Another day, another small group of Duke of Burgundy, located on the hillside at Cerne Abbas.

Not at their best now are the Green Hairstreak butterfly as it is towards the end of its flight time.


  1. Hi Roy, Wow, they are fantastic!!! And beautyfully captured!
    Regards, Maria

  2. Amazing photos Roy!

  3. That sounds like a really great place for butterflies! I have not seen either of those Fritillaries. Not seen any of the other three this year either! Very nice. :-)

    1. Thanks Mandy, butterflies are late arriving this year due in the main to all the rain we have had for months.


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