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Wednesday 19 July 2023

A Lodmoor Sandwich

On my visit to Lodmoor Reserve Weymouth this week, I was observing a flock of Mediterranean Gulls, both adults and juvenile. There was quite a number that bred at Lodmoor this year as usual.
When I returned home and uploaded the images on the laptop, I noticed that amongst them a different juvenile was photographed. At long range you don't always notice every bird you shoot.

This juvenile was in fact a young Sandwich Tern which I learned later.
The leg ring 411 is being researched.

Another lone bird was this Black-tailed Godwit still in its summer plumage.

The Blackwit was not all that well received by the Med Gulls at first (as I assume) it was trying to rest probably from a long flight.

Eventually the Meds accepted it, or more likely tolerated it.

Unfortunately this lovely Greenfinch would not come down any lower from this rather awkward for photography perch.

A pair of Oystercatchers moved around from one location to another feeding.


  1. A lovely place to visit! The Black tailed Godwit looks rather lonely! A fab photo of it in flight!

  2. Bonjour Roy.
    Les zones humides et côtières sont riches en oiseaux d'eau, tes photos le prouvent.
    Très jolie jeune Sterne !
    As-tu aujourd'hui des nouvelles de la bague ?
    Bonne fin de semaine.

    1. Chère Nathalie. Merci, mais pas encore de nouvelles de la bague.

  3. Black Tailed Godwits are beautiful birds. I really need to visit a nature reserve... my wildlife consists of what I see walking from home these days. The Med Gull are smart aren't they :)

    1. Hi Pete. Yes lovely birds. It is surprising what you can see even in local areas not known for nature especially.

  4. I’m like you with vultures, when it comes to gulls. I think they are boring! Lol The tern was a nice find though. :-)


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