Friday, 6 December 2019

An Afternoon Walk at Radipole

With a pleasant sunny afternoon happening, another brief interlude from new home preparations was in order.
So a walk around Radipole Lake seemed like a good idea.

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The star of the day was this Shelduck that was observed feeding on a patch of water.

Along several of the waterways there were small groups of Teal Duck.

This female Reed Bunting below was not an easy target, but the images were good enough to show.

I also found a pair of Stonechat that moved about some distant reeds. 
They came into clear view on a few occasions.

This is a favourite spot for the Grey Heron.

Male House Sparrows

Spot the Marsh Harrier
This male was a long way away from my position and these are heavily cropped shots.

It was all too soon that the sun soon moved low in the sky and it was only minutes away from setting when I left.

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  1. Miten kauniita kuvia, mielenkiitoisista linnuista!

  2. Lovely shots of the Shelduck and Teal especially. You're right, the afternoons are terribly short at this time of year!

  3. that Marsh HAarier was well spotted by you and I love the last image of the night closing in and another day finishing.

  4. Hello Roy,
    the weather was good and you have nice detail photos succeeded great series thank you for pointing
    Greetings Frank

  5. Some grand shots, Roy. That looks a great spot for birds.

    1. Thanks Alison, yes it has lots of promise I think.

  6. Hi Roy,
    Great series of pics!
    I like the images of the Landscapes with the beautiful reflection. All the birds are beautifully captured! And lucky you so see that gorgeous Marsh Harrier!

  7. Hello Roy
    this was a rich walk when I see all these beautiful birds.
    I enjoyed it.

  8. That's a very nice walk with beautiful photos. Beautiful birds. Greetings Caroline

  9. Que maravillosas fotos Roy, son espectaculares. Muchas gracias. Saludos.


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