Saturday, 28 July 2018

Peacock Butterfly

One of our resident species and surely one of the most beautiful that can be observe in the UK.
August is the month that the most numbers can be found on the wing. They do hibernate for the winter, but I have observed one in late December previously.


  1. I just love the colors you captured on this wonderful butterfly.

  2. Piękny motyl ... Piękne zdjęcia.

  3. Lovely photo's of this beautiful butterfly. Great you saw one in December, I saw one in January, which also was really strange to me then.

    Kind regards,

  4. wow you are so lucky, we do not have such a wonderful butterfly here as this one. Wow seeing one in Dec. is so late. Some butterflies have to migrate and some migrate in two stages, and the babies continue the migration. Butterflies amaze me in their ability to return each year.

  5. Hi Roy,
    the peacock is also and of the most beautiful butterflies.
    Beautiful series you have made with great colors and beautiful sharp details.

    PS I was little connected to the heat in the Netherlands.


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