Monday, 14 May 2018

Almost Bird Images

I say almost, because my bird photography has not really got off the ground this Spring as yet.
Birds due to the time of year with brood rearing etc are not as visible due to more dense foliage.
 The few images I have got are either 'Nearly' images or the subject I am trying to shoot is obscured and worthy of deleting instantly. 

This Jay just turned his back on me.

A brief apparence by a Chiffchaff high up in a tree was all I could get.

This Reed Bunting was so far away in an Oilseed Rape field that I had to crop the images considerably.

Mr Blackcap was playing his usual trick "Now you see me, now you don't".

Whitethroats are notoriously difficult early in their breeding season.
The best time is to catch them later on is when they are constantly collecting food for the brood.

Oh well perhaps the Butterflies will be more cooperative.


  1. Very nice pictures Roy, with sun in your city !!! Here, autumn is come back !

  2. Thanks Roy, you've solved a problem for me...that big fat, bursting at the seams, folder sitting on my hard drive is now called...'nearly images'!
    Looks like it's down to the butterflie to save the day then?...[;o)

    1. Your photos are too good to be called nearly Trevor.
      The Jury is out on the current crop of butterflies, hope that will change soon.

  3. I think your photo are good Roy and thanks for sharing them


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