Saturday, 27 May 2017

Reed Warbler

Always one of my target species to photograph each Spring when it arrives on migration. A challenging bird to shoot in the open. It will sit amongst reeds for hours chattering away. You can hear it and pinpoint more or less where it is, but waiting for it to appear is another matter. 
Fortunately as a species, it tends to return to the same location each year so that helps with finding it.


  1. Very beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very great pictures and sharpness Roy :)

  3. Precioso reportaje, Roy, como siempre. Me ha encantado especialmente el licénido de la presentación. Saludos desde Asturias.

  4. Onneksi olkoon, upeista kuvista! Lintu on tosi hankala kuvata. Sen ääntä ei jaksa kauaa kuunnella;-)

  5. Indeed not an easy bird to photograph in the open, but you manage some great pics!


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