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Tuesday 20 December 2016

Just A Few Birds

A walk on a really grey misty horrible morning that turned into light rain halfway around the Parkland. One of those days when you almost wished you hadn't bothered.

This Grey Heron was standing at the edge of a lake looking on into the mist and waiting for the next meal to come along.


1/320 at f4. 600mm.  ISO1000.

This Robin drew my attention to it by landing on flimsy dead foliage nearby.

A female 'Tufti' scampered away over the water into the mist.

1/2000 at f2.8.  300mm.  ISO200

Grey Heron

The following images were taken on a separate day when there was a rare morning with some sunshine.


Great Tit

Coal Tit

Female Great-spotted Woodpecker

Another Tufti

Black-headed Gull


Finally the good old Robin


  1. Lovely set of pictures Roy.. definitely worth bothering for... but I know what you mean about al the grey and damp... trade it for cold, sun & blue skies any day....

  2. Hello Roy
    Your post today is a magic post ! All these birds are very beautiful and your pictures are very good.
    Thank's a lot !
    Good day

  3. Siellä on paljon erilasia ihania lintuja. Meidän on odotettava kevääseen, ennen kuin taas näitä lintuja näkee. Onko siellä ollut pakkasta?


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