Thursday, 3 November 2016

Titchwell Marsh Visit.

Following on from the Post about the Golden Plover.
Here are the rest of the images that I shot on an afternoon when the sun was mostly shielded from a layer of misty cloud. The first image here taken at dusk shows a view across one of the lagoons with a mass of Golden Plover in the foreground.

A Little Egret graced everyone with its presence and was (unusually) not bothered by onlookers.

A bright moment was fortuotous as this Robin showed up along side the lagoon. 

A Curlew walked across the muddy bottom of one of the lagoons

Only a few Brent Geese were present over the waters.

Dunlin were scattered around in small numbers.

Mrs Shoveler was quite photogenic as always.

Even the Dabchick didn't seem to mind being approached.

Redshank were observed both on the ground and ....


Surely a sight everyone likes to observe, a variety of Geese flocks flying over at dusk.

A few of images showing aerial perspective......

......and the sun lowering away to the horizon in the West.


  1. Hei Roy! Ollappa nyt siellä! Olet nähnyt nyt todella "siistejä" lintuja!

    1. Se on vain rannikolla, itäpuolella Wash Ann.

  2. The egret's legs look like they were just dipped in yellow paint!

  3. What a day for birds (and birder!) - great assortment and photo ops. The next to last shot is so serene.

    1. Thanks Wilma, yes pretty good for a change.{:))

  4. WOW what a great place, so many birds and all your photos are wonderful, a joy to look through.
    Amanda xx

  5. You certainly had an amazing time at these weapons and saw so many wonderful birds. Your photographs of them or are stunning

  6. I was thinking thatthe Little Egret looks just as if s/he is wearing black footless leggings. I did not realise that their feet were such a different colour from their legs! And the Shoveler, I always love them with their oversized beaks. Rather like a Platypus beak, although longer:)

    1. The Shoveler beak looks rather strange Sweff, almost like it doesn't belong there.

  7. Lots of pictures and all very nice.
    The little egret is my preference but all your photos are beautiful.


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