Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Painted Lady

My first sighting of a Painted Lady Butterfly this year was a few days ago and a very brief side angle view only. 
It then disappeared and was not seen again.

I was rewarded subsequently with this lovely specimen below that posed very nicely for me.


  1. Stellar shots, Roy! I haven't seen too many butterflies this year. I'm loving your header picture! XO

  2. Lovely Roy, i've yet to see one this year!

  3. Those are great shots!

    I've only seen one this year, rather sad about that.

  4. A lovely butterfly to see Roy, and you've captured some beautiful images...you did well to get a 'poser'!
    I saw my first of the year about four hours ago, sadly, it decided not to hang around for a photo session!!...[;o(

  5. No Painted Ladies so far for me but lots more butterflies in Suffolk. Much more rural here though.

  6. Hei Roy! Aivan upeat kuvat ohdakeperhosesta. Sillä on niin kauniit siivet ulkopuolelta.

  7. Nice set of pictures of the Painted Lady, I have not seen many of these this year.

    1. Thanks Lyn. Thats probably my lot for this year as well.

  8. Terrific images! Their underwings are so lovely, although not as striking as the above view.

  9. Hi Nick,
    WOW, impressive shots of the Painted lady, always a great catch!
    Thanks for you kind visit, I am always on the run... it keeps my mind busy!
    I saw you previously posted a great dragon...

  10. Hey Roy... Your Painted Lady shots are gorgeous. Lovely butterfly unfortunately the ones I see here are on the cedar shingles on the house, why I don't know. When you open the door they fly off :).



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