Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Birds for a Change.

At last a few birds to look at I hear you say.
They are still more difficult to find at the moment amongst the dense foliage, but rearing young is coming to the end now so they will show more now as the main migration starts.

Walking up to the edge of a small river that runs across an open field I suddenly came in close contact with this Cormorant. I was so close that using a 70-400mm lens meant that I was right on top of it.
Normally Cormorants take to the air instantly if approached by Humans, this one didn't. (No wise cracks please)

I believe it to be a sub adult so perhaps it hasn't quite understood the danger as yet.

You can see from the image below that having made the turn into the wind its definitely going to get airborne.

I got this shot in below and then the tall grass and reeds got in the way.

Peering through hedgerow I was able to shoot a couple of images of this Whitethroat.

These Canada Geese were making a short flight across a field to land and feed by a large flock of Canada and Greylag geese.

In poorer light and having a short lens on I was only able to get this cropped shot of a Red Kite as it flew once over my position.

Immature Whitethroat  below hunting for food before its long journey South. 

This Grey Heron had encroached on another's territory and was soon chased off.


  1. Nice flying canada geese pictures! Gr. John

  2. fabulous shots of the bird at take off!

  3. Hei Roy! Olet nähnyt upeita lintuja! Terkkuja

  4. Hey Roy..." Wisecracks" I wouldn't have even thought anything about that if you hadn't brought it up LOL :)
    Lucky shots then with the Cormorant "huh" ;) and nice ones too.
    I like the shot's of the Grey ( that we on this side of the pond spell correctly "gray") Heron in flight. They make flight look so easy for such a big bird.

    Nice set of the birds about!


    1. Thanks GG.
      Yes we do try to improve your education over there, but its a up hill struggle.{:))

  5. Beautiful pictures of this cormorant that you could photograph pretty close. The 70-400 mm lens is an absolutely beautiful lens.
    The warbler is great and also the bird of prey. The rieger fly images are super.

  6. Super shots and a great experience seeing and shooting the cormorant!

    1. Thanks Mandy. They are quite numerous around the three lakes in the local parkland, but this was out of their area little.

  7. Lovely photos of the cormorant.


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