Saturday, 6 July 2013

Woodland Scenes and Sights

A few scenes and sightings from my recent woodland nature reserve walk.

In this first scene you may be able to see the Common Spotted Orchid plant which I featured recently that are still growing strongly.

Dog Roses are abundant now.

Tufted Vetch 



Self Heal

Bee Orchid



  1. favourite the dog roses

  2. Hey Roy...It is hotter then the hinges of hell here, 95 to 100 degree's with very high humidity, and with no air conditioner, just fans, so hot you stick to the computer, so didn't even touch it yesterday, and to hot to wander about for photo's !!
    Very pretty post, looks like right here in Maine!!
    Same kind of wildflowers, although I haven't seen the Orchid in awhile it is gorgeous!!
    Love the Dog Roses of course, and the gates make a nice shot!!
    I'm of to turn on fans : )

    1. Thanks GG. Its a bit warm here now.

  3. Lovely set of pictures. I have a Dog Rose in my garden which is Now big, got it from the Woodland Trust. Well done for finding the Bee Orchid.

    1. Thanks Lyn, the Dog Rose is doing exceptionally well this year.

  4. Roy, how fun it is to come along on your woodland walks. Of course, this included meadows as well! I love all the flowers and the shot of the path through the woods. I am surprised by how many plants species you showed that I saw while on my trip to New England! We have hawk weed, vetch, self-heal, and honeysuckle in the Northeast. I have never seen or heard of Bee orchid. does it really sting? Your dog roses look like some of the wild roses that grow here but I have never heard them called that.

    1. Thanks Kathie. The Bee Orchid is so named because it has the appearance of a Bumble Bee.


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