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Saturday 5 September 2020

A Few Birds

A variety of bird images taken on my latest visit to Ferry Bridge Weymouth.
Unfortunately there was nothing suitable for photographs of Waders so it is small land based birds that I observed mostly along side the Fleet Lagoon.

A small flock of Linnets moved about the low vegetation,
perched mainly on Glasswort and Seablite plants.

This female Kestrel remained on the ground for a while.

It is quite normal to see Skylarks on the land area feeding on the ground.

At this time just prior to their long flights South to Africa, one of my favourites the Wheatear, can be found ground feeding here and on most areas of the adjacent Portland.


  1. Nice and varied pictures Roy... Well-done..

  2. Hello Roy
    very nice portraits of the different birds, great shots
    Greetings Frank

  3. Hi Roy,
    All the photos are beautiful, but my favorites are the first and the last photo! They are superbe!
    (alle foto's zijn prachtig, maar mij favorieten zijn de eerste en de laatste foto. Ze zijn superb!)
    Happy weekend ahead,

  4. I had already admired your header and now I see the whole series of this beautiful linnet. The female kestrel and the skylark and wheatear have also been beautifully photographed!


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