Saturday, 11 February 2017


This male Kingfisher was perched on a wooden railing along side a small stream. 
This is a fairly regular sight on my parkland walk, but getting close to the bird for a shot is another matter. The only approach worth trying is the other side of a tall hedgerow/tree line. Problem is that the sun is behind you as you move along the hedge and as soon as you come into view the Kingfisher spots you and is gone. Its possible to get so far along the hedge, but you have to shoot through (at this time of year) a lot of dead foliage.

The first shot is uncropped and using an equivalent 840 mm lens. This gives you an idea how far away it is and why the bird isn't flying away.

Below are the results of shooting though the dead foliage. A little post production work was necessary to achieve this.

Eventually it realised I was around and made off.


  1. Hello Roy,
    Who has really taken the time for you sitting there as whom he had never done anything else, the chance I would like also ...
    Greetings Frank

  2. I feel you pain! Our kingfisher is just as skittish. I must say, yours is very spectacular.

  3. Stunning shots. The neon blue colour...

  4. That's quite the colourful Kingfisher! Spectacular photos of a spectacular bird!

  5. Well done Roy. A combination of field craft, a long lens and some ecellent post production work has resulted in a set of very pleasing images of a bird that is notoriously difficult to get close to, let alone photograph...[;o)

  6. Hei Roy! Olet nähnyt kuningaskalastajan!!! Arvaa haluaisinko nähdä! Meillä täällä on jossakin kuningaskalastaja myös, mutta ei olla nähty.

    1. Kiitos Anne. Ne eivät koskaan ole helppo nähdä.

  7. Hey Roy... Absolutely fabulous shots. The color is just gorgeous, and the face forward one made me smile, so cute :).


  8. Beautiful colorful bird and has great pictures. Regards.

  9. It is always lovely to spot a Kingfisher, and nice pics considering the difficulties in trying to capture this beautiful riverine species :-)

  10. Lovely captures of the Kingfisher :)

  11. Ohhh ..... great to see this beautiful blue kingfisher!
    I love this kingfisher


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