Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Residents of Bluebell Wood

Some of the residents of Bluebell Wood, which is situated on the Northern edge of the Parkland I regularly walk. I have featured these many times before, but one has to keep trying.{:))



Coal Tit

Blue Tit

Saturday, 6 February 2016

From the Window

I have not featured anything lately in my series of From the Window.

Its that time again when the tree outside the lounge window is in blossom. 
Accordingly the 'Woodies' will come to call.

The Woodpigeon, ever resourceful will eat a variety of available food throughout the year .
They are particularly partial to the young buds and flowers of this blossom tree.
Although a heavy bird, the 'Woodie' amazingly clings to tiny little twigs to get at the food. 

Shooting through double glazing poses problems with clarity, but the colours make the image I think.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Art on the Beach

Following on from the Titchwell Marsh Visit in yesterday's post.
Back by popular request. {:))
Art on the Beach

The Sahara Dessert taken from the International Space Station -  No?
Oh! perhaps not.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Titchwell Marsh Visit

Images from my recent visit to Titchwell Marsh Bird Reserve on the North Norfolk coast.

Sadly there was not a great deal to observe and much less than I expected.

There were several Shelduck on one of the lagoons feeding away amongst the mud.

A few Bar-tailed Godwit (I think) were found feeding on the lagoons rafter than the shoreline which is were I have found them in the past.

The ubiquitous Redshank were found in most areas.

I found one Ringed Plover.

A flock of Dunlin were observed feeding on the mudflats and suddenly taking to the air and landing elsewhere, only to repeat this several times.

The shoreline was crowded out with nothing.
A few birders and not many shorebirds unfortunately.

The first bird I actually took a photo of on the day was this delightful Wren that was found on the trunk of tree in the sunlight.

Not something I see very often, a distant Brambling (male).
Subsequently I observed one female in the same location.

A few of these beautifully coloured Teal Duck were found.

Quite a number of Lapwing could be seen, both out on the various waters and on the marshland.

The only sighting of interest on the shore was this distant flock of Oystercatchers.