Monday, 27 April 2015

Meadow Pipit

The Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis) is a Summer visitor to Iceland, Scandinavia and NE Europe. It can be found all year around in UK and mainland NW Europe. It also migrates to Southern Europe in Winter. 
In keeping with its name it is a ground nester and produces two broods May to July.

I was able to shoot these images of this one in open grassland as it was moving from a fence to ground and back again. 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hare-larious Special

If you are a Naturalist/Wild Life Enthusiast/Nature Photographer or whatever you wish to call yourself observing the countryside, we only on very rare occasions witness something that is quite amazing and a privilege to see. 

The other morning I went for a walk in the regular Woodland Reserve.
As I was making my way along a hard track I observed in the distance (Approx 100 metres) something which momentarily, I wasn't sure what it was. I instinctively placed my camera in the 'ready' position and on looking immediately through the lens I could see it was a Hare. Oddly, he was coming along the track towards me. I started shooting off images of it and kept as still as possible. It stopped on at least three occasions (Probably as a result of hearing the camera shutter clicking) and then continued on towards me. It came that close eventually that it over filled the frame of what was a 400mm lens and I was struggling to get him all in the frame. 

Then it suddenly realised (probably because I was turning my camera in the Portrait position) that I was there and it shot off back down the track at a speed that only a Hare could achieve.  
He appeared in good health and free of disease, (Bright eyed and bushy tailed). 
I could see no reason for what would be considered a hareless, I mean careless approach.

I would like to be able to say that due to my amazing 'Fieldcraft' that these shots were possible. 
Truth is it was probably more like 5% Fieldcraft and 95% pure luck.

Over the years I have observed numerous Hares out in the field, but I have never seen one that close before.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Green-veined White Butterfly

The Green-veined White Butterfly (Pieris napi)
(Plus some supporting images below)

Its the first of this species I have seen this year.
A medium sized species around 50mm wing span that is one of the easiest of the Whites to identify.
Common throughout the UK, it will be present through to the end of September.



Pair of Brimstone (Female left, Male right of image)

Monday, 20 April 2015

More Spring Flowers

Writing a blog about Nature and the Countryside inevitably means that at various times of the year one will probably repeat posts of a similar nature during specific seasons.

I know that I would have certainly posted about these Spring flowers in previous years and probably shown them more than once in year. However I try and vary the repeat posts as much as possible, but its right I believe to celebrate such beautiful aspects of floral nature as they occur.

Pasque Flower


Wood Anemone


Lesser Celandine